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UH Coog Moms Membership Levels


  • UH Coog Moms was established to promote fellowship among UH mothers, fathers and guardians. Join us to participate in activities and events that support students and the University community through programs, scholarships and grants.  We hold quarterly general meetings, social events, fundraisers, community events, sporting events and other fun activities throughout the year.

  •  All mothers, parent figures, and guardians of current and former students at the University of Houston are eligible for membership.  We also welcome anyone who wants to connect with our community.

  • Annual membership fee of $30



  • Support the mission of UH Coog Moms at a higher level!

  • Receive a free Coog Moms T-Shirt as a thank you for your support.


  • Avoid annual renewals with a one-time life membership fee of $250.  UH Coog Moms is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and up to $220 of your payment may be considered a tax deductible donation.

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